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MOTORCARE Safety Check

Your safety is our priority
How safe is your vehicle really

At MOTORCARE, Safety is at the core of our business principles and practice. As part of our commitment to you, MOTORCARE is proud to announce a very special campaign aimed at ensuring the safety of your family while driving in your vehicles.

The MOTORCARE Safety Check

The MOTORCARE Safety Check is aimed at inspecting certain vehicle components that can affect ease of mobility and driver visibity.

Safety Components


  • Excessive wear of the disc brake pads and/or drum brake shoes. Note, most cars manufactured today have disc brakes on all four wheels rather than a disc braked front and drum braked rear.
  • Wear of the moving parts of the master cylinder, especially the seals, which may allow fluid to leak resulting in decreasing brake efficiency with the possibility of a complete brake system failure.


  • Deterioration of the rubber of the wiper blade.
  • Damage to the wiper motor.


  • Defective headlamps and brake lights, reducing your visibility and the ability of other drivers to see you.
  • Defective auxiliary lights such as indicators, reversing lights, side lights and fog lamps, vastly reducing your visibity of the road and your surroundings.


  • Incorrect and/or uneven tyre pressures;
  • Loose wheel nuts;
  • Depth of tread below the legal minimum, or that recommended by the tyre's manufacturer if greater;
  • Visible and hidden damage

These components are individually inspected by qualified vehicle technicians, providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle will carry you and your loved ones safely to your destination.

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Where any of the items do not pass our basic assessment, these items will be highlighted by the vehicle technician and discussed with you.

Come into our workshop today and give your vehicle the MOTORCARE Safety Check!