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The Obvious Choice

Extensive service and support network

Ford and Motorcare have an extensive partner network ensuring that vehicles delivered by us - even in remote locations - are within reach of a service point.

Absolute peace of mind - best warranty!
Below we list 4 reasons why you should buy your Ford project vehicle from Motorcare. 

We offer the best warranty available - not  matched by any others in the country -  and a Motorcare Emergency Service package which is reaching to any remote area in the country.

Experts in the field 
Motorcare have been in Sierra Leone for more than 10 years, - we believe we have gained experience that can benefit your project or operation

4 Reasons for buying Your Ford Vehicles from Motorcare

An exceptional "peace of mind package"

1)     Quality spare parts always in stock

Always genuine spare parts to ensure quality and reliability in a rough terrain and environment.

2)     3 Year Warranty    

3 Year 60.000km whichever comes first 

3)     24/7 Motorcare Emergency Service 

You can rely on us - no matter where you are in the country we will do our utmost to assist you.

4)     Service Maintenance Planning

Motorcare provides customized proposals and optimization of fleet reliability and running cost -

matching your projects and budgets - see more info under "Fleet Maintenance"